everyday life

beaten by my time in berlin?

The post, I wrote three hours before, ended up in a nowhere, I couldn’t find it anymore.

I wrote about the exciting experience I had till now in Berlin, including some ups and downs. I wrote about the difficulties which broke out in my marriage. We had discussions about old themes which were very harsh, next day we were one heart/one soul. In my lost post I assumed that the distance by living apart most of the week led to a lack of flexibility and elasticity.

Analyzing happened and followed psychoanalytical standards. But it did not help.

In the moment we have the following agreement: wrong choice of the partner. We try to go away from thinking in „WE“, instead we want to find out our individual wishes, longings, attitudes, our personal handwriting and script.

I will finish now because of the unreliability of my ipad in the moment.