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Daily prompt: Island

It was a sensation this triumph over England in the now running Championship of European Soccer. It happened on monday the 27. of June in Nizza, France that a country unknown for playing soccer in a bigger standard defeated this glorious nation. Another aspect of the „Brexit“. 

In my newspaper appeared on monday the 3rd of july one side with facts about Island, called „Niceland“: This small island, but what it achieved against England  was absolutely great. This remark was followed by ten things which one should know about Island (like Björk, the unbelievable singer, or that Island has the oldest existing parliament in the world since 930). But what struck me most was the hint that the Icelander are people of books. They have an ancestor – the poet and historian Snorri Sturluson, 1178-1241 – who gave in his „Snorra Edda“ instructions how to write nordic heroic stories. Now I cite out of the article: „Even til today the Icelander read and write with enthusiasm. Iceland has no army of its own but a writer´s association“. 

This evening we will see who wins the play France against Island and who will be our opponent in the match on thursday the 7. of July. I wish a „Halbfinale“ with the Icelanders.


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