Now in Berlin

Hello again after weeks of silence. I was very occupied with two things: living my normal life with my husband, my patients and courses in my institute, and on the other hand I had to organize my move to Berlin. I want to stay here for one year and travel to my home near Mannheim once a week for one day. It takes 5 hours with the train – if it is in time, and that is not so sure as I experienced yesterday when I came to Berlin with 40 minutes delay.

Is this the best time to realize my plans? The newspapers are full with news and comments about the refugees and since some weeks about the terror and the consequences in Paris. In times of great distress and insecurity would it be not the better way to reduce moving and stay at home in a comfortable and well-known surrounding? 

I decided to move and take it as a challenge. Let´s see what I can make out of it 

 : top or flop. I only have lived in big cities (Hamburg and Munich) during my studies in my early twenties. Now I will find out more than fourty years later what it means to live in one of the most attractive cities in the world.  
A new experience for me is the constructing and decorating of a „Knusperhaus“. An old habit in Germany before christmas. And once you have managed it you will „crunch“ from the house now and then.  


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