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Help – I am drowning‘

One hour ago I wrote a similar post on „my website blogging 101 the commons“ . I fear this was not the right place, it disappeared.

I was telling in this „ghost“-post how earnest I take the daily assignements, and that I want to be clever and active, tough and always „au jour“. This is a task which I cannot fulfil, because there are a lot of seductions on my way, I think of other posts and other bloggers which cross my reading. How interesting are the different topics, how moving are the variety of matters and how touching is the overall wish to „reach out“ and join the community!

Then I had a kind of panic in thinking of spending every day three or more hours to read all the interesting „neighbours“ and therefore I made a decision: I have neighbours near by whom I see often, other neighbours are living at the end of the street or in other areas, and some friends are far away. The distance will decide how often I will meet them.

But now I will take my bicycle and go from one area in Berlin (Friedrichshain) through the whole city to another area (Charlottenburg) to buy the best „Sauerteigbrot“ (= bread of leaven) in town. We call these different areas „Kiez“.

Did I mention already that I take my blog as a kind of „verbal selfie“ and that I plan to move to Berlin in autumn for at least one year? I will write about this year, because it is a kind of experiment in self-knowlegde how it feels to live in a big city at the age of 70+,  how it will be to meet my husband only two days a week (my home is 5 ½ hours away to drive with the train) and how I will manage to create a small pool of interesting people with whom I can spend some free time and share interests.

Do you think my plans are crazy?


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