who I am and why I am here 

it is my second blogging university and I am thrilled again by these inspiring ideas, fresh thoughts and challenging assignments. As I started long ago to write down my thoughts and what happened to me in my daily life I am used to express myself.  My blog is one year old, it is a little like a car with a stuttering motor. I start and stop, and start again and stop again. I hope to bring real good flow into my blog by attending this blogging 101.

My wish is to get connected with other people with similar ideas or even the contrary. Some connections to other bloggers are from my last participation in July and I have to say, that I love the first comments, that I am excited if other bloggers like some posts. People I do not know, people who live thousands of miles away from me, people who get a face by expressing themselves to my themes. (Only a very small number till now).

I will write about „growing old around the globe“, I am 70+, living in Germany in the area of Mannheim (for my foreign readers: 80 kilometres in the south of Frankfurt). In autumn I will move to Berlin for at least for one year. I like to write about films I saw. I am not a filmcritic and I do not want to enter into competition with them, but I have a special look onto movies and I want to share it. There are plenty possibilities for me besides the normal cinema: The International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, this year the 64. edition ( The Festival of the German Film in Ludwigshafen, next summer is the 12. edition. And the most prominent one is the Berlinale, I think february 2016.

I like to write about my experiences with people in Israel and Palestine. You may have a look to some older posts, where I describe a walking tour in the westbank this April for 14 days with a palestinian guide and with bed and food in palestinian families. My jewish friends in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem envied me for this experience because as Israelis they are not aloud to enter the westbank. I am not political, I like to meet people and learn from them and their view.

Anything else will develop hopefully with „the little help of a friend“ .


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