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When I am back again?

This thrilling event of blogging 101 was overwhelming for me after the 5th or 6th day and I had the feeling of getting lost. To fulfil the assignements as good as I can was impossible because in those days my life had a lot of unexpected troubles and problems. And they all happened at the same time. But still I managed to find a handful of blogs in which I am interested in, but other tasks are still on the waiting list.

It is not easy for me to grasp my ideas and make a blog like a brand out of it. Others may have the same problems and difficulties, but I understand that the blogging community can help to overcome these obstacles. Despite my frustration and disappointement about me through all the days I kept a strong wish to start again. The assignements from Michelle W. and her collegues are inspiring, giving a lot of helpful steps and ideas. The whole idea of this blogging university is great.

Just right now I feel like a millipede: with what to restart? And to write in german, as orginally, or in english? This is another challenge, because english is not my mother-tongue.

Anyhow I am back again and I wish to dip in the blogging 101 Community.

I found a quotation in a book of poems which seems to fit to me and my interests in blogging. First in german, than in english.

„Wenn ich nicht für mich bin, wer ist dann für mich?

Solang ich aber nur für mich selber bin, was bin ich?

Wenn nicht jetzt, wann sonst?“

„If I not stand for me, who then stands for me?

But as long as I stand for me alone, who am I?

If not now, when else?“



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