I try to write in english. A friend of mine felt envy about my journey and the walking-trip along the „Abraham-path“. So I decided to tell some of my adventures in english that he can follow me at least in his thoughts. 

I planned to walk only for 7 days, This seemed to be enough, because the way consisted of parts from 9 to 18 km.   And in case of „break-down“ for several reasons I wanted to take a taxi and just go back to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. This idea gave me a real good feeling. Not sticking on til the end but free to choose another option if it would be necessary. 

To make it short: I am still in the walking-group, today is walking-day 10, we have arrived Jericho and the tour will end in four days in Hebron.

I was lucky in the whole project. At first there were the two men from Berlin whom I didn’t know before the journey. It was a proposal from Siraj-center, the organizing center to put several individuals together and form  a small group. So I was excited whom I would meet. I thought the chances are by 50/50 that this group will be okay. 

We met in Tel Aviv on sunday 12th of april in a hotel where the two guys had stayed one night and together we went by taxi to Jenin. They were around ten years younger and good friends. How would I fit in this group? 

To make it short again: miracles happen, after a short time we three felt familiar with one another, sympathy and interest on both sides. What convinced me from the very beginning was a sense of taking care for one another. These two men were attentive. I also liked to watch them in their interactions, friendly and facing each other. 

Besides my curiosity about the second part of the path (canyon, desert, bedouins), it was their gentle attitude which I wanted to experience more and so I decided to move on.

More in the next days.


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